Our Story

We are a passionate collection of comedians, educators, librarians, and a cherry-picked talented smattering of others who want to positively impact children’s literacy. In March alone we raised $1000 for a bi-lingual classroom library in Denton.

Language of Laughter is a Texas nonprofit that uses the ticket sales of our Standup Comedy Showcases to grant area school teachers and children with age-appropriate and teacher-approved education materials and books.  The heart and soul of our organization is to enable local standup comedian talents and volunteers a way to give back to their local community by overcoming challenges to child literacy like poverty, access, or language barriers. 

Our latest grant was to partner with a local Denton ISD school teacher to create a bilingual library for elementary schoolchildren. To read more about this please see articles in the Dallas Record Chronicle ( and the North Texas Daily ( 

We’re doing this crowdfunding campaign because we’d like to continue our momentum and create more opportunities to positively impacting Denton child literacy.  We have a lot of plans, but many of them hinge on becoming a registered Federal Nonprofit (price tag of $850) and covering operating costs (webhosting, shipping, printing, advertising) for at least one year.

We’re interested in providing two things that every community could use a little more of:  laughter and literacy.  We’re pretty sure we found a cool way to do both at once.  If you are interested in helping us grow, please consider donating your time or money.

To learn more about us, you can find us at:

Language of laughter