Comedy Profiles: Riveting Women


Language of Laughter will be having its second annual Riveting Women Comedy Show Case, featuring female talent from around DFW. Get to know these hilarious ladies!

De De T

This loud, spunky woman was born in Louisiana and moved to Dallas, Texas, in 2012 to pursue her dream of stand-up comedy. When De De T was five years old, she began to embrace the idea of becoming a comedian because she was extremely playful and silly. She had always known she wanted to be a comedian, but her dreams were met with opposition. She tried going to college until she realized that comedy was her true calling. Something she has learned to love about doing stand-up comedy is that people have to listen to her. Her stand-up is her time to be her raw, uncensored self. She has enjoyed doing comedy in Dallas because it has a great scene. Despite the politics, she finds doing comedy to be rewarding. Though she doesn't consider herself much of a "people person," she has found some good friends. Being a part of LoL's Riveting Women Show Case is important to her because she feels as if she gets to do what she loves for a cause that benefits the education of children.



Originally from Indiana, Monna has been doing comedy in the Dallas area for two and a half years. Her inspiration to pursue comedy came from a quote from Jim Carrey: "You have to divorce yourself from what others want from you." Since her Junior year of high school, she knew she wanted to be a comedian. In 2013, she started doing stand-up in Indianapolis. When she came to Dallas, she found a diverse community that she has enjoyed being a part of. She loves comedy because she has learned to express things that women are meant to hide. She wants other women to feel comfortable and confident. She is excited about the Show Case because LoL offers a tangible result to the comics' efforts. They have the opportunity to put something good in the world outside of just the show.


Kerry has been in Dallas for 6 years since moving from Florida. When she was 13 years old, she saw Eddie Murphy's Delirious, which inspired her affinity for comedy. Her career aspirations were always off-beat as she never wanted to do what most people wanted to do. She went to Souther Methodist University with the long-term goal of becoming an entertainment lawyer. While in college, she gave stand-up comedy a try, but was afraid of falling in love with it. However, falling in love was inevitable. For her, comedy has become the only time she can be honest and truly herself. Comedians such as Maria Bamford have inspired her to creative and experimental on stage. To her, the stage is a place for performances. She's tried doing comedy in New York, but she felt as if the town lacked comedic diversity. She sees plenty of amazing diversity in the Dallas comedy scene. She is most excited to be doing comedy for a good cause through Language of Laughter.


In Louisiana, Sarah was a theater student with a dream to become an actress. At the age of 22, she finally gave stand-up comedy a try. Since then, she has been doing comedy because she loves making people laugh and enjoys the creative freedom of it. She enjoys watching comedy specials on Netflix. Her favorite part about watching other comedians is witnessing their fearlessness and passion. A year and a half ago, she moved to Dallas. She feels like Dallas is filled with a good group of comedians. Dallas is most exciting for her because there is always something going on. She is looking forward to the Riveting Women Comedy Show Case because she loves that she can do what she loves while raising money for children. 



A native Texan, Sydney came to Denton to study at the University of North Texas. In 2016, she graduated with a degree in Radio Television and Film degree. She used to aspire to be a stunt-double in movies. During her studies, she started doing stand-up comedy around town. She loves doing comedy because she feels as if she gets to speak her mind in a way that casual conversation doesn't allow. Louis C.K. is one of her favorite comedians because he does what he wants and makes the most simple things hilarious. Dallas has been a fun and comfortable place where comedians can hone their craft. She has enjoyed making friends with her fans and other comedians. She loves working with Language of Laughter because she enjoys the feeling of contributing to her community. Not only does she get to make people laugh, but she also knows that she's making a larger impact elsewhere.



All the way from Arkansas, KeLanna moved to Dallas at the age of 21. Originally, she had went to the American Broadcasting School with aspirations of becoming a radio personality. During that time, she started writing jokes. Bill Burr was one of her inspirations. Her admiration for Burr came from watching him deliver and express his emotions in such a relatable and humorous way. She only wrote jokes because she was too afraid to perform in front of an audience, but eventually did on her 29th birthday. Ever since, she has kept Dallas laughing. Her favorite things about comedy are making people laugh and finding creative ways to entertain her audiences. She has enjoyed the company of the Dallas comedians. She is honored to be part of Language of Laughter because she's glad to be doing something that will benefit others. She loves the community-building that Language of Laughter dedicates itself to. 


Taylor started comedy as a way to vent after her boyfriend at the time cheated on her, 2 years ago. She did one spiteful open-mic and all of a sudden she performed in the Denton Comedy Festival in 2016. She enjoyed performing because she enjoyed figuring out the jokes that her audiences responded best to. She loved Dallas audiences because they seemed to understand her jokes very well. However, DCF would be the last time she would do stand-up comedy due to a serious family illness. It has been since then that she performed. She says that this will be her last stand-up performance. She is looking forward to continuing her education, working towards a Master's degree to eventually become a history professor. She is glad to be performing in Riveting Women because she wants to support their cause for the sake of the at-risk-youth. 

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