Denton Comedy: The Caitlyn Jenner of Local Entertainment

    Knock, Knock Dentonites! Comedy is here; in fact, Denton has had a comedy scene for over five years now. And like Caitlyn Jenner, it too has experienced many drastic changes in a short amount of time. From the rusted chain-link fences of The Garage, to the cappuccino-stained floors of the late-great White House Coffee Shop, local Denton comedians have managed to always find spaces to share their talent with live audiences. Some would say this unusual presence of comedy in Denton oscillates between two types of entertainers: comedic geniuses, and sad, chronic masturbaters explaining the unfairness of their relationship statuses. Depending on the night, those people might be one and the same. Now, these beef-beaters and yuk-yukers are gearing towards a new era of Denton Comedy.   

    Denton is never amiss for an opportunity to engage in live entertainment, and 2016 is shaping up to be the hardest comeback Denton comedy has seen since Kim Kardashin’s sextape- at least I’m pretty sure she got cum on her back. Anyhow, there’s an open mic for just about every night of the week, which premiers some of the best and brightest of Denton’s comedians. Mable Peabody’s plays host to their own Open Mic Night every Tuesday. On Thursdays, both comedians and comedy fans try to drink the weekend closer at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios. Finally, the community collectively mourns the weekend’s death at the Abbey Underground every Sunday. Needless to say, there is an abundance of comedic talent waiting to be showcased to the larger Denton population. That’s where we hope to come in.

    Language of Laughter intends to put on regular charity shows to help promote local entertainers while simultaneously aiding local students. All ticket proceeds from the LoL Comedy Showcases will go directly towards the advancement of underprivileged students within the Denton community. We’ve chosen to direct our immediate attention towards English Language Learners, as they represent 10.5% of the national student population, and are among the most at risk of lost academic potential. With the help of our communities’ entertainers, who are as passionate about making a difference as they are about toasting their bagel bites -- and that’s very passionate ladies and gentlemen. We will make significant and quantifiable changes, for the better, in our local education system. By aiding local schools and after care-programs, we mean to provide the necessary resources that will make the difference in these students lives and hopefully inspire them to go after their dreams of education. The inaugural showcase is March 18th at J&J’s Pizza on the Denton Square. Tickets are available at

   Comedy in Denton has seen it’s darkest days. The history of bars putting a stop to open mics, and even coffee shops shutting down entirely just to put the comedians out on the streets; some might interpret these occurrences as self-evident messages from a higher power. If this is the case, the message is clear: Denton comedy should just give up and die out already. However, despite every obstacle, these overrated class clowns continue to persevere. They have always continued to perform in whatever space they can find, muscling for any available stage time between solo musicians and live bands.

    If there is one thing to be said about Denton Comedy, it is the comedian’s adamant tenacity to tell a joke through pain and strife. Perhaps the community will see the potential in harnessing their talents to benefit Denton’s students. And perhaps one day people will be more accepting and forthright about the life choices of these sad men and women of Denton, who fight for laughter with five minutes and a microphone. Until then, Denton Comedy continues to mirror its champion, its beacon of hope; its inspiring role model Caitlyn Jenner.


Edited by: Stu Hollowell & Melanie Johnston