Language of Laughter is an incorporated non-profit funding educational workshops through live entertainment.

LoL is all about bridging communities - connecting entertainers and educators in an effort to simultaneously better area entertainment, business, and education. We host a number of programs

Jr. Author Workshops

Language of Laughter collaborates with educators, entertainers, and community leaders to host workshops which aim to promote both collaborative and independent writing skills. LOL also engages with local artists to illustrate and produce selected student-generated works.

Comedy Shows

Each year, LOL works with creative and business partners to produce comedy events with dual purpose: To act as a fundraising mechanism for our workshops, and to promote and celebrate live entertainment. Every ticket sale contributes directly to the purchase of books for area classrooms, as well as the supplies required to host our workshop.

We're well-served to offer this disclaimer: the comedic content of our live comedy showcases does not reflect the views or positions held by LOL's board, organizers, or partners. Our entertainers' acts aim to do just that: entertain. Audience age restrictions are clearly enforced.

Classroom Grants

To date, LOL has delivered thousands of books to Denton classrooms. Comedy shows, donations and partnerships with outside donors have enabled us to bring curated youth literature to resource-dry learning environments.

Education is my passion, and comedy is my passion, and it’s nice that they can come together to do some good.
— Stu Hollowell, Organizer and Co-Founder

What Others Are Saying...

What We've Achieved

  • Our comedy shows have raised several thousands of dollars towards literacy workshops and initiatives designed to promote the empowerment of young learners through the act of creative collaboration with peers
  • Connected comedians, educators, and community leaders in an effort to engage local learners in enrichment programs